Window Guards

Fixed and Mounted Window Guards

Fixed and Mounted Window Guards

All Window Guards are 

100% Solid Steel!

Sturdy and Secure!

Custom Window Guards

Window Guards - Custom sizes and styles

Special Sizes, styles and needs are not a problem!  We can create a window guard to suit your specific situation and style!

Basement Window Guards

Basement Window Guards

Basement window security is a great place to start when evaluating the safety of your home.  It is a possible entry point for an intruder, and often overlooked by the homeowner.

Hinged Window Guards

Hinged Basement Window Guard

Hinged window guards provide security

 and a secondary means of escape should

you ever be in need of it.

Patio Door Guards

Patio Door Guards

Patio Door Guards provide an additional 

layer of security for yet another

 vulnerable entry point.

Storefront Guards

Storefront Window Guards

Add security and style to your storefront!


In this day and age, security is of greater and greater concern to us all.  Window guards can provide quick security and a little more peace of mind - knowing there is an added layer of protection for your home. 

Ask about our Rapid Response for recent break-ins. 

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